My pen poised over my moleskin notepad

my visit to nature's cathedral:
the redwoods in california, usa
My creative dreams, and yearnings, reach to and from a divine Source. Source drives my passions. As I move toward my dreams, Source moves me into my divinity. This is the movement of infinity.

Creativity is god’s gift for us to use. Using our creativity is our gift back to god. God gave us life as a gift. What we do with our life is our gift to god.

Those Pesky Creative Blocks

When I reflect on my troubles, I will freely write all the thousands of thoughts unedited. I take that unedited shit and corral thoughts into lists. As objective as I can be, I determine what is true and what is not true. Is it really true, and if so, how does it manifest in my life? From there, I can move to a more balanced place.

Here is a list that I created after sorting through a list of creative blocking thoughts. I like to read it when I'm feeling lack.

1 – I am a channel for God’s creativity, and my work comes to good
2 – My dreams come from God and God has the power to accomplish them
3 – As I create and listen, I will be led
4 – Creativity is the creator’s will for me
5 – my creativity heals myself and others
6 – I am allowed to nurture my artist
7 – through the use of a few simple tools, my creativity will flourish
8 – through the use of my creativity, I serve my universe
9 – my creativity always leads me to truth and love
10 – my creativity leads me to forgiveness and self-forgiveness
11 – there is a divine plan of goodness for me
12 – there is a divine plan of goodness for my work
13 – as I listen to the creator within, I am led
14 – as I listen to my creativity I am led to my creator
15 – I am willing to create
16 – I am willing to learn to let myself create
17 – I am willing to let God create through me
18 – I am willing to be of servce through my creativity
19 – I am willing to experience my creative energy
20 – I am willing to use my creative talents

What helps you move out of your creative rut?

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