Time Out Time In

March to May 2011. I've taken these three months to go offline, drop out, tune in. I opted out of internet temptations (no more twitter  and no more politics) and motivated by my husband, who decided to get his Yacht Master License so that he can teach sailing, or charter sail boats.

We set out on our different journeys. He off sailing in the Mediterranean. Me to the states where I turned off the internet and delved into more than three office boxes of journals and diaries from years of journeys, hikes, and travels. I randomly scanned hundreds of photos, negatives, slides from thousands of images captured over the years.

June 2011: A few weeks ago, I said adios to family and, alhamdulillah, landed a little cave apartment in the mountains of southern Spain. My hubby and I had a few days together. But now he's back on the sea and I'm back into hermitage. I'm piecing all the writing bits and the photo bits into a kaleidoscope of my life so far. Writing on this blog and posting stuff of flickr  here.

This will be my home for the next few months. Write. Photo. Meditate. I hope that you will drop by to visit and comment from time to time.

Have you opted out or scaled back your technology distractions? What is simple life for you?

Life is what you make of it.

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