Does Travel Broaden One’s Horizons?

There is a lot said and written about travel.

I have been traveling around the world since 1986. Recently, I returned to the farm where I grew up. I came “home” to rest for awhile. I feel like I’ve never been anywhere but here.

I know I have been to some far out places. I have the memories. I have the feelings. And most importantly as a documenter, I have the photographs and trip notes. Yet, I feel as though all my "traveling" was insignificant.

What is significant is in the way I have become strong in being. I can make and accept my decisions. I am gentle. I am right with my life. I am happy. I am free. Content. Fulfilled. And, most importantly, I will always be pursuing more of my Self.

It doesn’t take foreign countries to make me fulfilled. It does make me realize what I have.

It doesn’t take fancy material to make me beautiful and happy. But being surrounded with beauty does help.

Consistency and persistency (okay, so I know its not a word, but it works here.)

Jump and learn.
Traveling around the planet, I’ve learned the basis for self motivation. My self motivation comes without a bunch of fancy aids or gestures or rituals. Just the application of DO IT NOW and the will power to do just follows.

What horizons have you discovered in your travels?

Hill in Northern England Lake District


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