Day 2 Spain Road Trip: Andújar to Granada

Day 2 of three days road trip from Madrid, Spain to Gibraltar
morning: Andújar to Jaen

View up to the sanctuario. Statue of virgen is towards the right of sanctuario.

We left the Sanctuario Virgen de la Cabeza around 11 am.

Continued driving south through the Sierra de Andújar on the very windy road A-6177 into Andújar. Passed numerous touristic buses and cyclists along the way, slowing down numerous times, trying not to meet them on the turns in the road. Once we were in Andújar, we took road A-311 to Fuerte del Rey. Stopped for a look-see.

We drove into Jaén for a quick look-see. Just south Jaén, we stopped for lunch at La Guardia de Jaén, a cute little stop. We carried on south on road A-44 E-902 into Granada.

afternoon: Le Guardia de Jaen to Granada
As I mentioned in my Day 1 post of this trip, it is very easy to drive in Spain. All the roads are clearly marked. We entered Granada on A-44, arrived about 2 p.m. Drove around a bit before parking in the lots at el Alhambra. Please see post about our visit to el Alhambra and el Generalife >>

Entering Granada, in the far distance a view of Sierra Nevadas

early evening in Granada, 10 pm
For more about our stay, including hotel in Granada, please see the post "I Left my Heart in Granada"

Time, Distance, Stuff 
This trip (plotted below) took us about three hours. Approximate driving distance was about 100 kilometres. We were off major highways for most of the journey and took plenty of time to stop in small villages, take time for mountain views, and a lunch stop in Le Guardia de Jaen.

Driving in Southern Spain

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