I left my heart in Granada

view of old town Granada from Alhambra
We drove into Granada from Jaen on E902. 
As we approached the city, I couldn’t believe my vision of an expanse of white opulent buildings draping a lush green mountain. As we drove into the area, the outlying city sprawls into ugly suburbia. We looked for the first exit to town centre, filled with anticipation to curl into the seductive winding streets of Granada.

"There is no pain in life so cruel as to be blind in Granada" carved on the walls of the Alhambra 

oh, journey women, this is a city you can
soak up on your own
Nothing could have prepared me for the beauty of Granada, nor could I even begin to express the unique beauty I found here. 

For sure, I have walked this city before.

Abundant greenery spills from every corner, every window box, and every park.

After visiting the Alhambra, we spent our evening and next day walking the town centre. 

In the evening, the many pubs filled with chatty students, families, loners, and enchanted visitors like us.

The city is surrounded by three mountain ranges.

The Original Sierra Nevada Range
gorgeous graffiti in old Granada

Navigating our way up the narrow streets, Sailorman hubby drove to the top most perch in Granada to give my eyes a view. We soaked up the valley, we took in the lush flowering plants, we zigzagged the intricate web of Granada streets and of course, gazed longly to the white capped Sierra Nevadas. I wax poetic when I think about stepping into the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Spain.

I had just arrived in Spain a few days before and our travel course was set to get from the top to the bottom in a few days. We didn't have much time to stop in between. We spent two days, one night here in Granada.

en la pared de la panadería
I will return to Granada to explore more, and to hike the Sierra Nevada Spain Mountains in the near future.

Why should the words match the photos? Who made up that rule?

Where to Stay in Granada?

There are plenty of small hotels in central Granada. We chanced upon the Hotel Carlos V in the heart of Granada. This is a nice clean little hostal, located on the fourth floor. They only have 23 rooms, and it is very quaint.

Hotel Carlos V (website) is charming, provides a good bed for sleep and the rate is reasonable. We were traveling by car and they provided a secured parking garage to park the car.

the view from our room in Hotel Carlos V
off the elevator to the Carlos V reception
Hotel Carlos V, Plaza de Los Campos 4
Eliseos 4, 18009 Granada, Spain

our room in the hotel Carlos V

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