Travel by Bus in Spain

I’m now three weeks into being car-less in Spain and have another two months. Getting around in southern Spain via bus and train is very easy and economical. It is cheaper and easier than having a car. Most stations are convenient to city centres so you won't have to walk too far to get into town.

Algeciras bus terminal is across from train station
The southern Spain bus system is Transportes Generales Comes website

Their website has a few pages in English, but mostly it is Spanish. It is confusing at first, but once you’ve experienced the bus system, it becomes easier.

The buses run on time. (except the Jimena afternoon bus can be late.) Now that I have to commute from Jimena, I realize how remote I am located here. To get from Gibraltar and return, my journey takes almost four hours time with bus travel and waiting time.

Travel between Jimena de la Frontera and Gibraltar

Two options:
  1. train between Jimena and Algeciras, then bus to La Línea and then walk across the border to Gibraltar. (about €7 one way trip)
  2. bus between Jimena and Algeciras, then another bus to La Línea and then walk across the border to Gibraltar. (about €5 one way trip)
Buses for the Southern Coast of Spain (Andalucía)

    This page has all the routes of bus service linked here

    Lines and hours of operation linked here

Save money, buy a bus pass
bus pass makes it less expensive
A tarjeta única can save you up to €2 ($2.90) per trip. You can recharge it as necessary. I paid €10 for my first card, and then refill it as needed.

How much savings? Without the card, the bus between Jimena and Algeciras costs €3.90.  ($5.60) With the car, the cost is €2.28. ($3.28). Download an information PDF file here.

Jimena de la Frontera and Algeciras – Bus Route M-170

There are three buses in and out of Jimena de la Frontera. The route M-170 San Pablo-Jimena-Castellar-Algeciras operates Monday through Friday. On the weekends, I have to take the train.

Algeciras – the transportation hub
Algeciras bus station entrance
The bus station in Algeciras is opposite the train station. Bus line M-120 will get you to La Línea for about €2.10 and it goes every 30 minutes during the day.

If you are curious about the location of the main bus station in Algericas, search google maps for Hotel Octavio C/ San Bernardo, 1, 11207 Algeciras, Spain

La Línea and Algeciras – Bus Route M-120

The Spanish buses don’t go into Gibraltar. You take the La Línea M-120 line to the main bus station. The station is less than a half kilometre walk from the Gibraltar / Spain border.

Consider this to be very convenient, as your walk will only take you a few minutes. If you were going to Gib in the summer by car, it can take up to 2 hours to cross the border.

If you are curious for the location of the main La Línea bus station, search google maps for estation La Línea De La Concepcion, 11300 La Línea de la Concepción, Spain

Other destination from La Línea

La Linea bus station
From the La Línea station, there are regular buses to and from Seville, Malaga, Cadiz, Granada and hourly to Algeciras.

Buses in Gibraltar - Route 5 gets you to and from the border

Since the end of May 2011, most bus routes in Gibraltar are free to travel around the town. However, the route that goes to and from the border (the Frontera) costs 1 pound sterling. The bus is route 5. Gibraltar bus routes can be found here >>

Shopping centre route

Route M-170 and Route M-120 has two stops that will get you to the large shopping area, Las Marismas de Palmones at Los Barrios, between Algeciras and San Roque.

One stop is near the Carrefour

One stop is near the CineCité, where you can walk to Decathalon, PC City, Toys ‘r us and supermarkets.

Website here for commercial district here >>

Other Things to know:
  • Check routes for Saturday and Sunday, as bus and train routes are limited
Don't panic. Don't stress. It is really that easy. 
I hope this will help you in your bus and train journeys. Feel free to ask me about traveling via bus or train.

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