Travel by Train in Spain

Train system in Spain, Renfe

The train system in Spain is fantastic. It is clean, it is quiet, but it can get expensive. Trains run exactly on time. Smaller train stations will open their ticket window about 10 minutes before the train arrival.

Renfe train platform in Jimena de la Frontera
Most ticket agents speak English, but just learn basic Spanish to purchase a ticket and you will be fine.

Announcements on the train are spoken in Spanish and English.

From Jimena to Algeciras, the ticket is €4.10 for one way. The Renfe system is easy to use and easy to figure out. Website here >>.

If you really want to learn everything about travel by train, you must check out this site: The Man in Seat Sixty-One. How to travel by train or ship... website here >>

No trains to La Línea or Gibraltar

There are no trains to La Línea or Gibraltar. You take the train to Algeciras and then the M-120 bus from Algeciras to La Línea and walk across into Gibraltar.
Renfe train platform in Algeciras, Spain

The Jimena de la Frontera train station is located in Los Angeles, about 2.5 kilometres

inside Renfe coach

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