Castle in Jimena

A main attraction of Jimena de la Frontera is the castle. You can see it from any road leading to the village.
The castle was built on the hill by the Moors around 750 A.D. as part of making Jimena a strategic military position.

This is where I go to meditate in the evening and watch the sun go down.

It is believed that the castle was built on Roman ruins, constructed using locally sourced limestone.
Remnants of ancient water system
A large water cistern or Aljibe is located close to the gateway on the inner courtyard. It has a series of five long rectangular original brick barrel vaulted roofs covering the cistern
on a clear day you can see the rock of Gibraltar
360 views stretch as far Gibraltar to the south, and one day I could distinguish Jebel Musa (Morocco) in Africa.  Info about this castle and other Castles in Spain here >>

More photos in my Picassa photo album.

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