Garmin Forerunner

It looks big, but it is easy to read,
the buttons are accessible
when you are running
and want to mark laps.
Buttons are easy to push
at a fast pace.
Before the invention of the watch, Yogins used to calculate time by measuring shadows during the day and studying of the movement of the stars at night. They were perfectly exact in their calculations.

The ancients used arms and feet for measuring distance. They were not so exact in their calculations.

I use the Garmin Forerunner 205 to measure both time and distance. I think that it is fairly exact in its calculations.

Ideal when you're running unfamiliar trail

Purchased about 2 years ago from REI, I find this little piece of technology great for tracking runs and touring towns. When I'm training on unfamiliar trails, it's handy because I can easily get distance, time, pace, and elevation. More and more, I've been using it as I tour around little villages.

After the training or touring session, I can upload the data to Garmin connect. From there, I can view the information on a terrain map and track all my training sessions.

I've used the Garmin Forerunner to select great training tracks while I'm on the road. When I'm visiting a town and want to record where I've been, I slip it into my backpack since it doesn't always go with my outfit.

The only draw back is that it takes awhile for the gsp to lock on to the satellite system. There are newer models of Garmin Forerunner available. Check out REI >>

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