Hauling hay bales in the summertime

June 2011 summer haying season in southwestern Spain. Pictured is only one big o' hill of work. There were plenty more acres of small bales as we drove through the countryside of Cádiz. I didn't see anyone making round bales.
Haying season 2011 in southwestern Spain
Memories growing up; I caught the tale end of my dad making acres and acres of small hay bales so I didn't have to help haul them. But, I do remember the stories. Not an easy job, and much loathed by my brothers and sisters. Loading the bales onto a truck or hay wagon is incredibly hard work, but it's even worse if the stack of bales tipped over. After much cursing, inevitability you'd have to gather and stack them all over again.
Hundreds of hay bales dot the rolling foothills north of Almoraima (southwestern Spain)

John Deere tractor pulling hay wagon.

remember to close the gate

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