Henna: Synaa Henna Hair Colour ساينا

Packaging for Synaa Herbal Hair Colour - ساينا
When I was in Dubai, I bought a few packages of henna. Yesterday, I decided to try the first brand, Synaa Herbal Hair Colour.

The instructions included in the box are sparse. As I have used henna before, I knew how to mix it properly: mix in glass bowl, stir with wooden spoon, use plastic gloves (included in the box), and let it sit before applying.

After I applied the henna to my hair, I decided to run a search on the brand "Synaa". As I searched page after page, I couldn’t find any reviews about the brand, only storefronts selling the product.

 In my searching, I came across a very informative article with a PDF download “Henna for Hair ‘How To’ Henna” written by Catherine Cartwright-Jones. Here is the link to the PDF file >>

With my hair piled high, caked with henna, I soon discover that many commercial brands of henna are actually a blend of lower quality henna mixed with toxic metal salts, chemical dyes and other additives.
The next day with nice red highlights.

Since many countries don’t require full disclosure of ingredients on packages, these additions are not necessarily included on the box. The pre-packaged hennas are usually labeled “natural herbal” colour.

Suddenly concerned, I sat perplexed, 20 minutes into a planned 2 to 3 hour rest to let my hair take in the henna.

Questioning my next steps: Should I rinse it out now? Will my hair fall out? How do I proceed? Did I fall victim to "ayruveda" and "herbal" stamped on a box...from India, no less.

I decided that if my hair fell out, then I needed a different hairstyle and proceeded to leave the henna soak in for about 90 minutes.

When I washed it out, a large clump of hair fell to the shower floor. In a panic, I thought all my hair was falling out. But after I took a breath, I realized that it was a normal hair fall and no more hairs were falling out. My hair is longer, so it only looks like a big clump…and after reading a scary article of poisoning my hair with the wrong henna, my panic was justified.
My hair is naturally an auburn colour,
so the henna brightened the red highlights.

After washing and drying, my hair turned out a lovely red. It all is still connected to my scalp. I am happy.

My Rating of Synaa Herbal Hair Colour

My overall rating would be fair to good. It was easy to mix. It didn't stink as much as raw henna from the market. It is not the best henna that I have tried. I don’t know how long the colour will stay. Usually, my hair feels thicker and stronger after a good henna. I don’t get that feeling with Synaa henna. It washed out very easily, but it felt dry. I suspect there might be other additives to the henna.

Synaa is a product of Herbal Dream Ayurveda Creations in Indore, India.

If you’ve ever tried the Synaa brand, I’d love to hear about it.

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