Inhale Deeply, In This Air? Living in Pollution.

Simple Home Remedies To Survive in the Pollution of Cairo

I'm one of the lucky ones in Cairo that lives in an area where I can open my windows in the early morning hours to catch the breeze of cooler temperatures. But, it's that time of year and the smells of Cairo are harsher than ever before.

The farmers are burning the rice stubble and our air quality takes an even harsher temper. Every year, we hear that there are crack-downs on farmers burning their fields. Yet, every year, the haze in the air…and yes it looks and smells different from the typical Cairo haze…turns a murky white and becomes unbearable to breath.

Tear gas seeps through the neighboring streets
the morning after clashes in Tahrir.
And just when we thought the Cairo black cloud couldn't get any worse, it does. I live next to downtown and since the Revolution, we have a new element to add to the pollution mix: tear gas.

The main route for air pollutants is through the nose, mouth and throat. The nose is very efficient at trapping and holding some inhaled pollutants. I have many yogic strategies that I use daily to maintain some sense of healthy eye, nose and throat health in our polluted city.

You can find all these simple home remedies for A Pollution Pound of Cure on my yoga blog at All ingredients are available everywhere throughout Cairo.

Part 1: Daily Maintenance Routine To Survive in the Pollution of Cairo

Part 2 Simple Home Remedies To Survive in the Pollution of Cairo

Part 3 Yoga and Meditation To Survive in the Pollution of Cairo

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