Perfect Sunblock for Polluted Cities

Super City Block by Clinique
For the past three years, I've been using Clinique City Block sunblock 25 SPF and 40 SPF, depending on the season, and how long I spend outdoors.

I've experimented with other sunblock brands from cheap to outrageously expensive but none of them compares to Clinique City Block.

First of all, it works. It really does keep your skin protected from our harsh Egypt sun.  Of course, you should re-apply if you are outdoors for long periods of time.

Other reasons that I love it: 

  • It does not have any perfume so it doesn't irritate the skin. All Clinique makeup is fragrance free.
  • If you perspire, the product will not burn your eyes if it does run into your eyes.
  • I can use it under foundation or on its own.
  • It doesn't clog your pores when you do re-apply during the day.
  • Clinique does not conduct animal testing.

Caireans can find City Block in most high-end beauty stores that sell American beauty products. Or,  on your travels, most duty free shops carry Clinique products.

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