25Jan 2011 Egypt Revolution Look Back. Day 1 of a New Direction for Egypt

12 February, 2011

After 18 days, suddenly the energy of the entire city had shifted. People were buzzing around Tahrir with excitement and the hope of change.
   My husband and I took an early (for Egyptians) morning walk to Tahrir. At 9:00 am, people were already cleaning up the area. Pouring in from everywhere, people were coming to Tahrir with brooms and bags to clean up the mess from the 18 days of occupation of this small area. It was a mess, but it was cleaned up in a matter of a day.
   Everywhere we went in the city, clean up crews of students and adults were clearing the garbage from the streets. It was an amazing site to see.
     The pure expression of joy seemed to glow out of every person's face. Everyone greeted everyone. Smiles. Waves. Flags. Hope. Freedom.
It was the end of the Mubarak era. The Revolutionaries vowed to stay until the revolution was complete.
   By the evening, the celebrations started up again and Tahrir was filled with millions of people. Singing, dancing, and bands played well into the night.
   A group of us went down around 7 pm and finally came home around midnight. By then, the streets leading to Tahrir were jammed tight with traffic and people. But unlike other traffic jams, everyone was happy, singing and celebrating as they tried to make it through the area.
   From this day forth, Tahrir and the revolution has taken many more turns.
‎الحرية Sout Al Horeya, Freedom. May Peace Prevail.

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