#30June 2013 in #Egypt : View from a Yogini In Cairo

Flags fly proudly in Egypt.
Here's what is happening in my neighborhood... My doorstep is a mere 500 metres from Tahrir.
 Since Sunday, 30 June 2013, millions of concerned citizens gathered in a peaceful protest to take their country back. Not a Muslim country. Not an Islamic country. But their country of Egypt, a country that isunited .

  Can you even imagine that more than 30 million people gathered across Egypt on   #30June and only 6 people died and less than 700 people were injured on that day?

  Since President Morsi made his speech late night (2 July), there has been incidents of violence. Isolated and mostly initiated by the few Muslim Brotherhood (MB) out of fear and their allegiance to power.

  Keep that in mind when you read the Western newspapers that eagerly wait for blood and violence.

   Yes, we have very tense moments here. Yes, there are incidents of violent outbursts, small, short lived, and mostly about old scores to settle.
  My heart goes sad when I read stories that describe us as "storming" the streets, or that Egypt is in "conflict" or "crisis."
  How can anyone look at the photos of people coming to Tahrir Square and report that we are divided?

We are not divided.

  Egypt is not "divided." Egypt is so far ahead of defining democracy: "for the people and by the people" that it will take years for rest of world to catch up.
  Egypt citizens are so far ahead of defining "Revolution" it will take the rest of world years to even begin to understand the civility and power of peaceful revolution.
  Western press and western mindset only know adjectives of violent tone. Peace isn't sexy and peace certainly doesn't sell news.
   Again, I am witness to the power of peaceful citizens gathering for an united cause.

  Please keep peace in your hearts and thoughts when you think of us. Peace in minds keeps us uplifted, even though we are many miles apart.

  IF you made it this far….You will understand that I don't know much about politics or taking sides. I only know about the power of peace and the humanity of people.

Greetings from Egypt. Peace will prevail.

As I sit here writing, I'm listening to an American song: "We can bomb the world to pieces, but we can't bomb it into peace." To all my Western friends, keep these lyrics in mind from American singer Michael Franti.
We don't have such songs here

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