Western Desert of Egypt

The White Desert:

The White Desert in western Egypt is stark, stunning and fascinating. Rock formations jut out from a stark white landscape. The formations are a combination of chalk and limestone shaped by wind erosion. Large balls of stone balance precariously on columns.
The most photographed formation in the White Desert of Egypt: Chicken and Mushroom. These formations are quite tall. The "chicken" is almost 2 metres high.

Hot Springs Oasis 

There is nothing more healing then the hot springs in the western desert of Egypt. One of the advantages of owning your own jeep, you can get to some of these secluded hot springs.
Remote hot springs in the oasis of Egypt

Agriculture Valley in the Desert

Dakhla Oasis (الداخلة ] called the inner oasis, is one of the seven oases of Egypt's Western Desert (part of the Libyan Desert). Dakhla is organized around the main town of Mut, a settlement that dates back to pharaonic times. Dakhla sits in a depression surrounded by pink cliffs and sand dunes.
There are about 30,000 acres of cultivated land. The farmers constantly fight the battle of the dunes that threaten their fields and orchards. The fields and gardens are filled mostly with mulberry trees, date palms, figs and other citrus fruits.
Dakhla Oasis الداخلة Farming

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