Ribbon at the Badlands Regional Art Show

Last week, the 40th Annual Badlands Regional Art Show took place. There were many delightful entries from beautiful oil paintings to dimensional sculpture.

As part of a class requirement, I asked my university senior art students to enter the show. In the spirit of collaboration, I agreed that I would enter two of my photographs. It was fun to walk through the exhibit and find a 3rd place ribbon on my photograph.
"Raking in In" took 3rd place out of more than 40 photography entries
This is a photo of movement of the hay rake. I took the picture this summer as the guys were preparing to bale hay. I was out early one summer morning taking pictures when I saw them baling hay. I decided to watch and take some shots as they rounded the field. I stood right inline with the tractor and rake as my nephew passed by me and my camera. No long lens. This is either a testament to trust or stupidity.

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