The Veil is Lifted. Embrace Your Shadow.

Modern Halloween is often associated with the Celtic festival of Samhain. Whether you celebrate Halloween or Samhain, in the northern hemisphere, the holiday heralds the end of autumn and signals the dark days of winter. 

Spirits. Souls. Sparks. 

The belief is that during Samhain, the living could visit with the dead and the dead could walk among the living. Other celebrations such as All Souls Day and Día de Muertos honour loved ones who passed from the earth. We were all born and one day we will all die, these celebrations of death help us acknowledge and internalize the beauty of death so that we can live our lives with more awareness and meaning. Our soul’s desire is to live and create. 

Self. Shadow. Source. 

As the winds of autumn flutter open the thin veil between worlds, it is a time of extraordinary opportunity to explore your shadow side: the parts you keep hidden, the qualities, behaviours, and motivations that may be difficult for you to acknowledge. Your shadow separates you from your full Self, your creative source, your muse. Connect with your shadow. Ignite your muse. Take this time to rest, meditate and gather your creative fertility, embrace your shadow self and live like you’re going to die.

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