Fracked in the Bakken

Political pundits have been waxing poetic about the economic boom in western North Dakota from the surge in hydraulic fracturing.
They get all frothy when they talk billion dollar budgets and low employment rates. Across the country, people retweet signs that Walmart is paying $17 an hour for starting salaries and have up to $1000 sign on bonuses.
For many of us living in the area, who are not beneficiaries of the oil boom, we have to deal with the day-to-day economics.
I accept many things that the universe offers me, but it is difficult to accept the gouge from the mechanic. I paid $220 for an hour of work to install a starter on a 2006 Chrysler van.


Charbonneau Auto Center in Dickinson North Dakota may have once been a family operated honest place for business, but after one year of increased gouging from this business, I am left to drive 90 miles east to Bismarck or even to Fargo for service.
I highly recommend anyone in this area to do the same.

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